Airport & Flight

Hofesh is at your disposal to help you on your journey:

Hofesh With Passover 2024, Destination Seville Airport (SVQ) or Faro Airport (FAO).It is also possible to access by Lisbon (LIS) or Malaga (AGP) Airport.

If you are looking for a flight, please contact us.
Several direct flights (round trip) from all international capitals :

London / Faro  from 200€

London / Seville  from 220€

Manchester / Faro  from 220€

Manchester / Seville  from 240€

Tel aviv / Seville from 750€

New York / Seville from 650€

New York / Faro from 700€

Montreal / Seville from 650€

Rome / Seville from 220€

Milan / Seville from 200€

Geneve / Faro from 180€

Zurich / Faro from 300€

Brussels / Seville or Faro from 200€

Antwerp / Seville or Faro  from 260€

Franckfort / Seville or Faro  from 200€

Amsterdam / Seville or Faro from 200€

Rotterdam / Seville or Faro from 200€

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