Hofesh presents Méléha with Pesach 2021,

Who is Meleha ? The singer with a golden voice…

Very young, she starts singing on stage in Lyon and shares her amazing talent with the best jazz bands of the area…
Her meeting with the very famous producer “Andre Manoukian” takes her, 10 years later, all the way to Paris at EMI France where she records several albums.
Among them, a duet with the international star “Gino Vannelli”…
During her path to fame, she often gets to appear on TV (TF1,M6,MTV etc…).
She also opens for many famous singers such as Michel Jonasz, Michel Fugain, Sacha Distel…
Until the day where she attends a Tania class given by Rav Gurewitz in Lyon.

From then on, she decides to share her message through her songs with jewish women ONLY…
By “hashgacha pratit” , she meets a few days later the great author-composer musician, Sydney El Ancry.
They start working together relentlessly… Meleha is born .

He writes her first song “Imma”. It’s a success. Then comes the hit songs “You my friend” and ” Shabbat Shalom”…
The idea is to send a message that will reach and touch every jewish women and their daughters , and help them identify with these songs about Judaism,Emuna and Teshuva… The Rebbetzens Sarah Gurewitz and Sarah Pinson are a great help to Meleha. The chosen star now travels the world to sing Hashem!

-USA ( New-York, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, New-Orleans, Pittsburg, Atlanta, Cleveland, Maryland, Monsey, Washington)
-Russia (Moscou)
-China (Shangaï)
-Australia ( Melbourne, Sydney)
-Canada ( Montreal, Toronto, Vancouvert)
-Israel ( Jérusalem, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, Ramat Beth Shemesh)
-Ukraine (Ouman)
-England (London)
-Italy ( Milan, Venise)
-Germany (Frankfurt)
-Belgium (Brussels)
-Switzerland (Geneva)
-Morocco ( Casablanca)
– France ( Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Juan-Les-Pins, Aix En Provence, Montpellier, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Etc…).

As one of the first Frum woman singer, she inspires many young artists all over the world.
She ” fires up” the public wherever she goes !!!
She touches so many hearts ansd souls…
She brings comfort through her music ….
She guides souls to Hadhem through her lyrics…
Allow yourself to be rocked by this amazing artist with the golden voice….
Enjoy, rejoice and remember…. MELEHA.
And don’t forget her upcoming tour in February 2014 from Canada to USA to Israel !!!

Débora Partouche

It’s not often that concerts are organized for the young girls and women of the Jewish community in Casablanca, making the performance by the spiritual singer Méléha all that more special. JN1 has come to Casablanca to meet with Méléha and to speak to her about her first trip to Morocco and her very special concert.
Named after her Algerian grandmother, Méléha was born and raised in France. This was Méléha’s first trip to Morocco where she gave a lively performance that brought together hundreds of women for a night of music and dancing.
Méléha, singer:
“So I came from Paris and was born in Lyon and it’s the first time I am here in Morocco thanks to the invitation of the Rabbi’s wife Chana Banon and her husband. I am very happy.
The goal is to have them leave from this concert with lots of emotion and lots of happiness, that is my goal.”
Méléha is considered to be a strong role model to many young Jewish women not only for promoting sisterhood but also for changing her life as an up and coming pop star in France to becoming a spiritual singer creating music about women’s daily and mystical life. JN1 spoke to Méléha about the events that led up to her unique shows.

Meleha, singer:
“One day I was attending a class with Rabbi Gorevitch in Lyon and he gave me the envy to return to Judaism.”

Méléha, singer, speaking to audience:
“It was a Torah Class. People said you absolutely have to come listen to him. So I arrived with my red hair and black leather jacket and mini skirt and leather boots. I entered and they looked at me funny and I didn’t understand why at the beginning. The class was about Tzniut, modesty and clothing laws.”
Meleha, singer:

“After that day I stopped everything. I stopped singing for men and women. I understood that the Torah was important. I dedicated my life and mission to sing only for women. For 24 years I have sung all over the world for all the countries of the world.”

The women attending Méléha’s concert seemed to enjoy the festivities and the party lasted well into the night. JN1 spoke to some concert attendees about what made this concert special and why events of this nature are important to help keep the Jewish community in close contact.

Sarah Adida, concert attendee:

“It’s been an amazing moment and we are 300 Jewish women in Casablanca which is really a rare thing to gather such a number of women. There was a very good atmosphere with this singer and she sang beautiful songs about children and Hashem and religion and the world and everything.”
Hannah Elharar, concert attendee:

“It was really good because here it doesn’t happen all the time so we had fun. I think she is an example to us to be more into religion and she was a star and she left everything to be religious because she knew it was the best.”

Esther Wizman, concert attendee:

“I think the concert was very great, she has a beautiful voice, the music was very diverse and the tunes are good she is beautiful and she danced on stage so she knows how to entertain her audience.

It’s really hard to bring all the Jewish community together but only Chana Banon can do that she did a great job here.”

The concert by Méléha was attended by many women who came with their friends and also met new people at the event. Many are hoping for more events such as this one in the future. To catch up with Méléha’s tour dates in the US and in Europe, you can check out her website.