Hofesh presents Méléha with Passover 2024

Méléha, You are from Lyon in France where you grew up. You have been singing from a young age. Singing was the source of your happiness as a teenager for you. You have a jazzy background that can be found in the melodies of your songs.

Very early on, you walked through the small Lyon stages before meeting André Manoukian, who allows you to sign with EMI France. You quickly made a duet with Gino Vanneli. You have made several noticed appearances on television and provided the opening acts for many French artists such as Michel Jonasz, Michel Fugain or even Sacha Distel … a royal road opened before you.

This was not enough for your happiness, however, and your quest for authenticity was revealed at the end of a Torah class given by Rav Gurewitz of Lyon. This insight naturally led you to do Teshuva. You put an end to a promising career thanks to a complete and sincere Teshuva although your affection for singing and music cannot be satisfied without regrets, so in order not to keep the bitter taste caused by this frustration, you have decided to put your golden voice in the service of the Torah so that you no longer sing in front of an assembly composed exclusively of women, as the Halakha allows you.

Min Achamaïm, you meet Sydney El Ancry, songwriter and together you create this magnificent project “Méléha” he immediately offers you a song with the evocative title “Imma”. The success was instantaneous and was followed by other songs including “Mosheile” which touches me deeply because it was written in memory of Rivka and Gabriel Holtzberg, victims of the Bombai bombing.

You travel the planet between Paris, London, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney… .. where you send a message of love, joy and Torah. You sing in French but also in English and Hebrew. You are certainly the first contemporary “Orthodox Jewish” singer. During each concert the audience spontaneously rises and dances to the music and your bewitching voice with sweet oriental and Mediterranean scents.