The Kashruth is Glatt kosher lamehadrin under the Hashgacha and Supervision of Rav Ephraim Cremisi chlita (Dayan of Montreal, Canada) ,No Kitniot, and No Gebrocht.

Hofesh is very scrupulous about the control and supervision of all the catering and the foods that compose it. Passover 2024, like all other stays will be under the sign of an irreproachable Hachgaha.

Passover 2024 Glatt kosher Laméhadrin is:

  • Shmura Matza. (handmade) for seder nights.
  • Without Kitniot / Without Gebrocht.
  • Professional Mashguihim permanently present.
  • Private Seder or communal Seder under the direction of a Rav.
  • 2 synagogues in the hotel: Ashkenazi and Sepharadic Minyanim.
  • Sidour and hagadda of pesach for Ashkenazi and Sepharadic.
  • Daily conferences and “shiurim” in English by Rabbi Betzalel Grossnass from London.
  • Shiurim and conferences for the sepharads by Rabbi Yonathan Benchetrit.

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