High gastronomy kosher with Passover 2024 according to Hofesh is a varied and refined choice of dishes that will also adapt to the rhythm of your stay :

  • Glatt Kosher lamehadrine under the Hachgaha and the supervision of Rav Ephraim Cremisi Chlita (Dayan in Montreal)
  • Without kitniot and without Gebrocht.
  • Rich Israeli breakfast Buffets and sweet hours every Day.
  • We offer 3 sumptuous meals per day.
  • Matsa Chemura (handmade) for seder days.
  • Royal Kidouch served on Yom-tov days.
  • Meals served directly at the table.
  • Our First-class pastry chef will design beautiful and appetizing desserts.
  • Choice of drinks and wines during all your meals.
  • Lobby bar open from 8 am to midnight with hot and cold drinks.
  • Meals for children and babies will be served before the adult meals.
  • Sweet-Hour – every day.
  • The restaurant is spacious and finely decorated.
  • Lunch boxes for excursions during Hol Hamoed.

To end in beauty a fairy Mimouna with many surprises!

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