Hofesh presents Cantor Raphaël Cohen with Pesach 2024

Cantor Raphaël Cohen has from a tender age been an enthusiast of Jewish music.
He developed his vocal skills, artistic technique with Maestro Schuyler Hamilton at the Paris Voice Institute. He has given many concerts in Europe, Israel and the States.
Gifted with a rich tenor voice he officiates at the Grande Synagogue of the Cité de l’Education Sinai in Paris where he was the Principal of the Elementary School.
With the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rumania, accompanied by the Israeli Yuval choir, he has produced a wonderful Tribute to Yossele Rosenblatt his favourite, and with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Moldavia, and the Kishinev choir, he recently recorded a Memorial album to commemorate the centenary of the infamous Kishinev pogrom.
Founder of the Paris Association for the Promotion of Cantorial Music, (APAC) which organizes annually in the French capital international concerts of Jewish liturgical music, he has produced several recordings of these momentous events starring some of the most famous contemporary cantors.