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Hofesh welcomes it’s guests as soon as they leave the airport with large billboards and accompanying Hofesh with a broad, sparkling smile. Our guests are then driven to the hotel in comfortable shuttles, they are not at the end of their joy and do not expect what awaits them once arrived at their destination. Accompanying persons are in contact with the hotel to warn them of the exact time of their arrival at Oasis Park. The Costa Brava has only to behave well with Hofesh at its controls that could make a lot of noise.

Hofesh has a festival of surprises for them. First of all they are welcomed in music by a group of local musicians in traditional dress. Myriam is waiting for them at the friendly reception counter to guide them to their room after having settled the administrative details. A snack and frankings await them to recover from their journey.

The first day of welcome is going well, the organization is waiting for you with a team as professional, relaxed and friendly.

Hofesh welcomes its guests and the orchestra is already in place and it is accompanied by a pleasant and catchy music that our guests spend their first moments of kosher vacations at ‘Hotel Oasis Park in Costa Brava.

I give you an appointment for the next article and the eve of Pessah and its surprises.

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