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Hofesh breaks new ground and for Pesach 2017, Sefer Torah’s inauguration is unlike any other.

The Assayagh family decided a few months ago to perform a sefer torah in memory of their Mom Rachel ע “ה and their sister Gueoula ע” ה.

The writing of the sefer torah was completed a few months ago and the case arrived in France from Israel at the same time.

It was natural that this sefer torah be inaugurated during this stay of Pesach 2017 with all the team of Hofesh.

It is a special event to participate in the inauguration of sefer torah during a stay of Pesach in a hotel.

It’s because the Hofesh team sees its guests as their family, that they share with them such an intimate event.

The presence of Rav Yonathan Benchetrit adds kedusha to the inauguration of sefer torah with his words piercing the hardest hearts.

And to add even more sanctity to the inauguration of sefer torah, a siyoum of a guemara treatise is made by Yishai Hazan, the nephew of the Assayagh brothers. A beautifully led presentation that gives the meal, prepared by our chef Sidney Azoulay, who has followed a dimension of double Saudat Mitzvah.

A moment of great emotion and spirituality, an important point that Hofesh wishes to bring to all its manifestations, holiness.

The inauguration of sefer torah is accompanied by its finishing with the last letters that are written by the big brother, Raphael Moshe who completes the writing completely to make the sefer torah suitable for reading.

The evening ends with lively dances around this wonderful sefer torah.

Of course we owe it to ourselves to have a thought for Rachel Assayagh, a great lady who sacrificed her life for her children after the death of her husband Dayan Rabbi Shlomo Assayagh זצ “ל, she left us 4 years ago .

Sister Gueoula ע “ה who left us prematurely at age 40, leaving behind a husband and two teenagers there is now a little more than one.

We are sure that they will rejoice at the high point of view of the union of their family and the love of the neighbor who animates them.

May they pray for the success of their children and grandchildren and for the final redemption.

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